Is Pushing Daisies Getting Canceled?

November 14, 2008 By:
Is Pushing Daisies Getting Canceled?

It's tough to be a TV show right now. If you're not getting even decent ratings these days, you're canceled. And Pushing Daisies might be the next show to get the axe. The production has already wrapped, and now they're just playing the waiting game.

Show creator Bryan Fuller doesn't even know the fate of his show. He says, "Every day we're hearing that we're canceled and then we hear that we're not. It's all rumors. Nothing official at all. We are in radio-silence land."

But Fuller insists the cast and crew are staying positive. "It's tough but spirits have been really good on the set," Fuller said. "There's such a dedication with the cast and crew. It's infectious and we're hoping ABC gets infected by that dedication."

Would you miss the show if it was canceled?