William and Kate's Wedding: Experts Dish on the Details

December 20, 2010 By:
William and Kate's Wedding: Experts Dish on the Details

The date is set for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, and now the fun can begin—the planning!

Women around the globe can hardly wait until April 29, and we've wrangled experts to share their opinions on what we can expect-- from the venue decor, wedding dress and invitations.

We spoke with David Tutera, Wedding Planner Extraordinaire and host of WE TV and Wedding Central's My Fair Wedding With David Tutera, Ceci Johnson, Invitation Innovator, and Diann Valentine, Wedding and Event Designer

HS: If you were planning this wedding, what would be the theme?

Tutera: Conservative elegance. Prince William and Kate are the quintessential English couple and I believe that they will stick with classic decor - romantic and lush florals used in understated arrangements, hand-calligraphy-printed materials, a cake that is grand in scale, but modest in its design.

Kate and Prince William will likely also set a new trend for weddings which we haven't seen in quite some time, by going back to the basics of weddings and focusing on tradition.

HS: How would you decorate the venue? What venue would you choose?

Tutera: I would focus on creating an ambiance that was elegant and royal but also with a youthful touch. To achieve the royal feel, I would use tall arrangements, luxurious layered linens, gilded table settings and plenty of candles. To keep things youthful, I might contrast the expected opulence with a modern feel through the decorative accents or room layout.

I would have fun with the catering, especially cocktail hour and desserts, and explore ethnic flavors as the couple has traveled the world. I would also suggest some part of the entertainment, whether it be during cocktail hour, or for a small moment during the reception, be reflective of their own.

More Info at DavidTutera.com

HS: What type of invitation do you think the royals would send out?

Johnson: Kate and William are a stylish young couple who are faced with traditional requirements. Their invitation design needs to reflect who they are but all-the-while keep with the tradition of the royal family.

I would envision them sending out an invitation that is tasteful, full of class, high quality and having something unique that sets them apart and creates a new trend in the Royal history of inviting. Essentially, a modern twist on the traditional.

HS: What kind of invitation would you suggest if you were hired?

Johnson: To break away from the norm, I would definitely create an invitation suite that is more than just a flat card. Here are the creative ingredients I would use to design their invitation.

1. Gold engraving with jewel tone accents and hints of metallics

2. Thick luxurious ivory paper

3. Beautiful hand calligraphy with some mixed fonts to make it modern

4. Blind embossing details

5. Ceci Couture royal family crest exclusively designed for them
and their new life together to carry on to their future generations.

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HS: How would you give Kate's traditional royal wedding a modern twist?

Valentine: Everyone knows that Kate has a great sense of fashion. Her style is elegant with a modern twist so her gown should be the same.

I would recommend a form fitting wedding gown instead of a traditional ball gown like Princess Diana wore from designer Elizabeth Emanuel, and suggest an Italian couture designer such as Valentino or Giorgio Armani to bring it to life.

She is a fan of London-based designer Issa and wears the body-hugging gowns beautifully so she can easily pull off a classic cut wedding gown with an edge.

HS: How can regular brides copy her wedding?

Valentine: Look to incorporate classic elements into their wedding day selections such as a historic cathedral that reflects old-world architecture in the design similar to the church where we married actress Lela Rochon and director Antoine Fuqua.

Once their wedding day arrives, her wedding gown selection is promised to set trends for wedding gowns for years to come. I’m sure many bridal designers will look to create wedding gowns that are inspired by her ultimate fashionable choice.

More info at diannvalentine.com