William and Kate Post Wedding Pond Hopping

February 16, 2011 By:
William and Kate Post Wedding Pond Hopping

Prince William and princess-to-be Kate Middleton have decided on a post-wedding destination: Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper invited the couple to Canada, and Prince William graciously accepted the invitation. My guess is they want to get out of Europe since the cast of Jersey Shore will be arriving soon.

“Canada is delighted that Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton will be traveling to Canada as they embark on their first overseas tour as a married couple,” the Prime Minister said.

Because Canada is a Commonwealth country, the Queen is Canada’s head of state, and Prince William is also a prince of the country. And there’s your government lesson for the day.

William’s last visit to Canada was in 1998, when he toured Vancouver with his father and brother Harry. A spokesperson for St. James said, “Prince William was keen to be able to visit Canada for himself as an adult, and to be able to show his wife a country that is close to his family's heart."

I wonder how many women are asking their boyfriends right now, "why don't you ever take me to Canada?!"