Which Celebs Will Get Invites to the Royal Wedding

December 1, 2010 By:
Which Celebs Will Get Invites to the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding invites will be going out soon! And Us Magazine has the deets on who’s getting one! Surprise, surprise—they’re all A-list!

How You Could Score an Invite to the Royal Wedding

A source connected with the Royals says, "You can expect the Obamas," says the source, adding that David and Victoria Beckham plus Sir Paul McCartney are also on the list.

One “royal” gal that’s expected to be left off the list? "Sarah Ferguson will not be invited," the source says of Prince Andrew's ex-wife.

Simon Cowell recently suggested that Susan Boyle sing Prince William and Kate Middleton down the aisle, but the insider says there’s no way that’s happening. "They don't want this to become X Factor."

Kate Middleton Calling All the Shots

Hmm, maybe they didn’t like Subo’s performance on The View this morning either…

A St. James Palace spokesman says "the invitations won't go out until early 2011.”

That should give people ample time to buy those pricey airline tickets! Oh yeah, celebs don’t have to worry about that stuff. Knowing them, they’ll all fly private over there!

Hollyscoop would be more than happy to fly coach and live blog the whole thing! Just sayin….Worse comes to worse, we’ll just have a viewing party in the good ole US of A! I hear the wedding is going to be shot in 3D!