Sharon Osbourne: There's A Lot of Pressure on the Royal Family

April 19, 2011 By:
Sharon Osbourne: There's A Lot of Pressure on the Royal Family

The Osbournes might not have residence at Buckingham Palace, but they’re
definitely Rock Royalty, so they know a thing or two about privacy. Ok, so
we’re probably not going to see a reality show based around Prince William
and Kate, and the Queen’s probably not going to be biting off any bat heads,
but they are under a lot of public pressure.

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne were interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan, when they
discussed the unfair pressure the Royals face.

“Every move they make, everything they say it's critiqued, it's commented
on," Sharon said. "They're not allowed to make their mistakes privately, and
grow up privately.”

Regarding Kate, Osbourne said: “"Her life will never be the same again, in
good and bad."

Hey, that ring didn’t put itself on her finger. We’re just hoping Kate’s
aware of exactly what she’s getting into. She worked hard to nab her prince,
and now she’s going to have to work harder to fit in with royally.

It’s also been reported this week that if Prince William and Kate’s first
child is a girl, she could be queen. A “male primogeniture” currently exists
in the British monarchy, giving throne precedence to the first-born male.

But Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is opening up to the idea of removing
this law, saying,

"My own personal view is that in this day and age the idea that only a man
should ascend to the throne I think would strike most people as a little old
fashioned," Clegg said.

"If Prince William and Catherine Middleton were to
have a baby daughter as their first child, I think most people would think
it is perfectly fair and normal that she would eventually become Queen of
our country ... I think it is worth thinking about."

The two haven’t even tied the knot, and already, people are talking about
Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. Yeah, the pressure is on.