Security Blueprints for William and Kate's Palace Revealed

January 6, 2012 By:
Security Blueprints for William and Kate's Palace Revealed

I'm no house expert or nothin', but this kind of seems counterproductive.

Updated security measures have been made to Prince William and Kate's Kensington Palace home, and the blueprints for those measures have been made available for public viewing by request of the local council.

But it's not like they just put an ADT sign on the front lawn, these are serious security measures. So blueprints or not, it's not going to be easy to breach them. The plans call for an "air lock" double-door system, meant to impede "dirty bombs", an advanced CCTV system and special pop-up bollards and spiked railings.

Former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe, who guarded William's mother Princess Diana, tells PEOPLE, "It seems ridiculous to me that we have this open policy now. We have two high-profile members of the royal family who've recently been the subject of global of attention. We're now putting on display security plans for the redevelopment of Kensington Palace. Why?"

Wharfe adds: "Living in the world we do, terrorists don’t need to know what level of security we are putting in. We should not be publishing these details."

The council defends their decision, saying "We don’t allow people to take photographs of the drawings or take copies away, but they are allowed to see them if they show a passport or driving license and are asked to look at them with a planning officer."

Well, at least you have to have a passport. And those things aren't easy to come by. Waiting in line at the post office for over an hour should ward off any potential terrorists.