Royal Watcher: Why Kate and Princess Diana Are So Different

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Royal Watcher: Why Kate and Princess Diana Are So Different

The Royal obsession continues! Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William have set a date, we're all left wondering what kind of Princess Kate will be, what kind of dress she'll choose and more importantly, why Prince William chose Kate as his princess.

Royal watcher Claudia Joseph to the rescue! Joseph's book Kate: Kate Middleton, Princess in Waiting is an in-depth look at the life of the future princess. Joseph gave Hollyscoop an EXCLUSIVE Q&A about Kate, her similarities and differences in comparison to Princess Diana and why she and Prince William are perfect for each other.

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Q: Do you think their love will surpass the pressures they will be under?
A: I am sure that William and Kate will have a happy and successful marriage. He has given her his mother Princess Diana's precious engagement ring, which is a symbol of how much he feels for Kate. They both have an enormous amount in common, having been brought up in rural surroundings and share a love of the countryside (a prerequisite for fitting into the royal family, where hunting, shooting and fishing, watching polo and going to the races are the norm). They both went to exclusive private schools, in neighboring counties, where pupils socialized with one another and played against each other in sports tournaments - another interest they have in common. While Kate was good at hockey and netball, William had an aptitude for rugby, soccer and polo. They are both keen skiers and tennis players.

Q: Do you think she will she make a good queen?
A: I think she will make a good princess and a good consort to William when he is King. She and William have a close friendship and she will be a strong support to him, rather than competing against him.

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Q: Do you think she will be influential like Princess Diana?
A: I don't think she will court the limelight in the same way as Princess Diana but I am sure she will become as involved in charity work. She has already contributed party bags to the Starlight Foundation - a charity set up by the Dynasty star Emma Samms to make children's wishes come true - and was one of the three organizers of the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco to raise money for Tom's Ward, a ward at the new Oxford Children's Hospital, in memory of the brother of one of her friends, who died in 2004 at the age of 20 after battling Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.

Q: What comparisons do you think she has to princess Diana and what differences?
A: Kate and Diana are very different. They come from totally different backgrounds. Diana hailed from an enormously privileged, aristocratic, old English family. Kate comes from a family that - as you can see from my book - descends from working class mining stock. In many ways, she had a much more modern upbringing. Diana's parents were divorced - she was only 20 years old and a much more fragile and troubled character when she walked down the aisle of St Paul's. Kate comes from a much more stable background - she is already eight years older than Diana was when she got married and is, in every sense, more mature, well-grounded and comfortable in her own skin. Prince Charles and Princess Diana also had a considerable age gap - there was 12 years between them, almost a whole generation. Kate and William are the same age.

Q: Does the queen like her?
A: Kate met the Queen for the first time on May 17, 2008, at the wedding of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. The Queen said she was 'absolutely delighted' about the engagement.

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Q: How did Kate meet Prince William?
A: William and Kate met at St Andrew's in their first year. They were both studying history of art and lived in the same hall of residence St Salvator's Hall, known as Sallies. He was in the front row when she walked down the catwalk in her first year modeling lingerie. The rumors began when they moved into an apartment in the old town for their second year with flatmates Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale. During their final two years, the four shared a farmhouse on the outskirts of St Andrew's.

Q: Do you think she is ready for the spotlight she is going to be under?
A: Kate has been dating Prince William for nearly eight years so has already been in the spotlight. Obviously the pressure on her will increase but they are spending the first years of their married life, living in a cottage in Wales, while William works as a search-and-rescue pilot for the RAF. The couple will have time to get used to being together before William takes over his role as a working royal.