Royal Exes: Prince William and Kate's Old Flames

April 18, 2011 By:
Royal Exes: Prince William and Kate's Old Flames

The Royal Couple may be seeing green on their wedding day.

Because nearly all of Prince William’s exes and two of Kate Middleton’s will reportedly be in attendance at the Royal Wedding.

For most of us, this would be unheard of, but apparently, when you’re royalty, all ex rules go out the window.

So to celebrate tying the knot, we’re looking at the history of Royal Exes: Kate’s—and more prominently—William’s old flames.

Willem Marx: During her teenage days at Marlborough, Kate was said to be one of the most sought after girls, known for her goofy sense of humor and charming beauty. While she didn’t date much, Willem was rumored to be Kate’s first teenage romance.

Rupert Finch: Kate dated this fellow-St. Andrews student for a year before she met Prince William. As far as the reason behind their split, Rupert is mum on the subject, saying, "It's not something I'll ever talk about. It's between Kate and me." Even before William, Kate had a taste for classy men!

And now, for a much longer list. William’s past is a little more paved with ex-flames than Kate’s. After all, there were a lot of ladies hoping to be princesses in waiting.

Davina Duckworth-Chad: A wealthy socialite and aristocrat, Davina accompanied Prince William on a cruise of the Aegean Sea in 1999. Although the two never officially dated, Davina is rumored to be William’s first sexual encounter. The kicker? The two are distant cousins. Yeah. Women will stop at nothing for a chance to be a princess.

Rose Farquhar: William’s first serious girlfriend, the two dated in 2000 after being childhood friends. Farquhar is an aspiring actress and singer, having recently recorded a solo album.

Jecca Craig : After meeting her at the age of 16, William dated Jecca in 2001, and he often stayed at her family’s game reserve in Kenya. Prince William was apparently so captivated with Craig that the two staged a mock engagement during his stay. She was also the “special guest” at his 21st birthday party. He still remains close to the Craig family, even taking Kate for a visit. Jecca is a party events manager. But I doubt she’ll be planning Kate’s baby shower.

Arabella Musgrave: Prince William and Arabella were said to have started dating in June of 2001. Musgrave is the only ex-love officially acknowledged. Sources said that they broke up because of Prince William’s “roving eye”. Watch out, Kate!

Olivia Hunt: Prince William and Olivia had a brief fling that was said to have ended when he met Kate. Hunt then went on to date a friend of the Prince’s. Kate and William remain friends with Hunt.

Isabella Calthorpe: Maybe the most drama-filled ex story, the two never dated, but William was rumored to have pursued the young actress during at a party with Kate in attendance. In 2004, while dating Middleton, insiders revealed that Prince William chatted Isabella up at a black-tie ball. As a result, Kate wanted a break. After Isabella rejected William’s advances, he and Kate got back together.

Let’s face it; William took full advantage of his status during his days as a single Prince. He and Kate had a tumultuous relationship, breaking up, and then getting back together several times. But there’s no turning back now, Will! The whole world is waiting to see Prince William and Kate tie the knot in two weeks, and let’s hope his roving eye won’t be checking out the guests!