Report: Prince William to Propose to Kate Middleton

April 7, 2010 By:
Report: Prince William to Propose to Kate Middleton

The rumor has returned! Prince William is supposedly closer than ever to proposing to girlfriend Kate Middleton. We’ve heard speculation in the past, but now there’s talk that there’s a specific date in mind!

CNN reports that The Daily Beast writer Tina Brown wrote that a "high-placed source in royal circles" told her that June 3 and 4 have been "mysteriously blocked out on the palace diaries."

Brown, who also wrote the biography of the late Princess Diana, says this suggests the possible days an engagement might happen. But a spokesperson on William’s behalf wasn’t giving up any details! "We don't comment on speculation," a spokeswoman told CNN.

William and Kate have been dating since 2003 on and off, and seeing that things have been going well lately, marriage is the logical next step! Plus, with Kate being 28 now and William 27, we’re sure they’re already feeling the pressure to have kids!

We hope the rumor is true—they’re so cute together!