Prince William's Secret Bachelor Weekend

March 28, 2011 By:
Prince William's Secret Bachelor Weekend

Send in the Royal Strippers and commence with the booty clapping! Prince William marked the end of his single life with a super secret bachelor party in Norfolk over the weekend.

St. James Palace is keeping tight-lipped about the goings on, saying only:

“Yes, Prince William celebrated his stag over the weekend. The locations remains private but it was in the UK.”

You know he went all out though. Because if you know your party is going to be kept totally secret, you’re gonna have naked strippers swimming around in champagne Jacuzzis. That’s what guys like, right? I don’t know.

A royal source tells, “the stag weekend was at [friend and Prince Charles' godson] Hugh Van Cutsem's father's estate in Norfolk. Very private but a nice big group of friends."

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton stayed in London with her sister Pippa. Pippa is in charge of planning Kate’s bachelorette party, which is to take place at another undisclosed location. Even the guests aren’t sure where they’re headed until the day of the party.

Which leaves me pondering only one thing: are bachelorette party favors circumcised in England?