Prince William Heads Back to Work

August 5, 2013 By:
Prince William Heads Back to Work

Welp, Prince William’s two-week paternity leave is officially up. That's right, just a fortnight ago Prince George was born.

Thanks to the good people over at Us Weekly and their excellent skills at counting the days in two weeks, they “reported” that “The Duke’s paternity leave technically ends on Monday, but a source tells us that he’s not on shift until Wednesday, Aug. 7, and will likely remain in Bucklebury until Tuesday evening.”


William has an extra day to hang out with Kate Middleton and the baby in Brambleberry or Blackberry or Bucklebury, or whatever the town where Kate’s parents live is called. Bucklebury? It’s Bucklebury? Cool.

According to the palace, “this is now private and quiet time for them to get to know their son” and that they are “doing well.”

Rumor has it William is looking for a new gig. His current tour with the Search and Rescue Force is over at the end of the summer and he’s looking for a job closer to home.

He’s reportedly going to be working with the mounted armed forces and doing local parades.