Prince William Gets Turned Away From Restaurant

April 14, 2011 By:
Prince William Gets Turned Away From Restaurant

Prince William might be the hottest commodity around the world these days, but that doesn’t mean he always gets what he wants.

Believe it or not, even the Prince gets turned away from restaurants.

William and a group of 20 arrived at Seacroft Restaurant , but were turned away because they were too many people and the restaurant could not accommodate so many of them because one of the chefs was out sick.

That’s just nuts. If the Prince came to my non-existent restaurant, I don’t care if I was the only one there, I would accommodate him! I would invite neighbors, relatives, uncles, aunts to all help in order for him not to leave.

William's Royal Air Force Leader Iain Wright told the Associated Press: "The plan was to eat there, but unfortunately they had one of their chefs off sick so they weren't able to cope with the number that we had brought. And so we found another location, and we moved on."

Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force crew that got turned away at the restaurant are all invited to the wedding on the 29th. That’s gonna be a wedding full of hotties!