Prince William and Snoop: The Doggie Dogg Connection

November 22, 2010 By:
Prince William and Snoop: The Doggie Dogg Connection

What does Prince William have to do with Snoop Dogg? To be honest, I’m as confused as you probably are right now.

But according to reports, the rapper is in talks to perform for the Prince and his fiancée Kate Middleton at their engagement party!

Before you go writing this off, I should add that Prince Harry is planning the party, which will have a “hip-hop theme.”

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"The party will be low-key but fun with mini-burgers, fish and chips" a source told The Mirror. "They'll do a formal party with their family too, but this one is for the cool kids."

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Harry reportedly wants both Snoop and Brit rapper Tinie Tempah to perform the party. A source says, "Tinie has been approached to perform at the engagement party. William and Harry hit it off with Tinie at the Wireless festival and requested that he perform at their shindigs. Tinie's schedule is packed, but he will clear his diary for this.”

Isn’t Snoop banned from England or something? I suppose if someone were to give him a hall pass, it would be the royals!

Sounds like Prince Harry is the partier of the family…