Prince William and Kate Will Have a Forced Separation

November 10, 2011 By:
Prince William and Kate Will Have a Forced Separation

Hey, at least it lasted longer than 72 days.

Prince William and Kate will spend a couple of months apart next year, but don’t worry, it's not a divorce thing. In 2012, Prince William will be working in the remote Falkland Islands as part of his duties in the Royal Air Force. The job will force the newlyweds to be separated for almost two months.

Prince William, known as Flight Lieutenant Wales at work, aspires to be a captain in the RAF, so he's working hard to make a name for himself as an experienced member of the squadron.

"This deployment forms part of a normal squadron crew rotation and will form part of Flt. Lt. Wales's training and career progression as a Search and Rescue pilot within the RAF," a statement from the Ministry of Defense says.

Prince William will, however, be around to party with Kate for her thirtieth birthday on January 9th. So that's good news. But this six-week separation will be the longest the two have been apart since reuniting after their 2007 breakup. Luckily, though, they're not one of those couples attached at the hip. You know, those "we" couples who leave the house wearing matching shirts that say, "My baby loves me" and "I love my baby." Ugh.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to make their next appearance on Thursday night at St. James's Palace to support the National Memorial Arboretum appeal. The NMA appeal is home to the Armed Forces Memorial remembering people who have died in conflict since the Second World War. The Prince and Kate will host the black-tie dinner at St. James' Palace.

Last week rumors started surfacing that Kate Middleton was pregnant, after she refused a bag of peanut paste at a UNICEF center. As it turns out, her refusal was simply due to being "camera shy."

A royal insider revealed: "She's not comfortable eating in front of cameras." Or, maybe she's just not comfortable eating peanut glue, period. "What if she didn't like it and made a face?" the source suggested. "That expression would then be on every newspaper."

But others insist that a royal baby is on the way. Royal biographer Andrew Morton said:

"I’m pretty confident that, according to Royal tradition, she’ll be pregnant within the next few months. Every reigning monarch for the last 200 years has had a child within a year-and-a-half; [Princess] Diana was pregnant within three months."