Prince William and Kate Middleton Vacation in France

March 27, 2012 By:
Prince William and Kate Middleton Vacation in France

Yeah, we’re still unofficially calling them Prince William and Kate. I don’t think the Brits like it, but guys, it could be worse. We could give them a cheesy celebrity couple name.

Kate Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael, have taken their daughter and Prince William, along with their son, James, on a skiing trip.

A source told Us Weekly: "This was a treat from Kate's parents, as William and Kate's budget is quite small for trips.”

If my eyes could roll any further, I’d be looking at the back of my head.

“It's not the first time they have taken them away. They have all been to Meribel together before."

If you don’t come from a long line of wealth and royalty and have no idea what the hell Meribel is, don’t worry. That’s what Wikipedia is for. Apparently, it’s a ski resort in the French Alps. They're staying at The Three Valleys resort.

An eyewitness says he saw the family on Sunday at the top of Col de la Loze, one of the highest points in Meribel. Another witness saw the family eating lunch at one of the resorts' restaurants on Monday, saying: “They looked very happy together.”

Kate only recently reunited with William, who has been away on a six-week tour of duty in The Falklands. And they can forget about any alone time. The family has decided to share the same ski chalet.

Ugh, I just hate when that happens.