Prince William and Kate Host Ceremony in Anglesey

February 24, 2011 By:
Prince William and Kate Host Ceremony in Anglesey

Prince William and Kate Middleton had their first official duty together Thursday. They named the "Hereford Endeavour" lifeboat at a ceremony in their hometown of Anglesey. I guess lifeboats are big there.

William spoke to the crowd of 500, saying he would do "the talking bit, she's going to do the fun bit." At that, Kate poured champagne on the Hereford Endeavour. It's not confirmed in the photo, but Harry was at the bottom making sure none of it went to waste.

William added, "It gives me huge pleasure to be introducing to this relationship, here and now, someone who is not only about to join the Family, but is also about to become an 'Anglesonian.'"

Kate replied through a gritted smile, "Oh yeah, great. Anglesonian. Exciting."

Townspeople told People that William and Kate live a pretty hassle-free life on the island, with most people used to seeing the couple around town.

Anthony Smallshaw, 68, said, "[William] was in The Bull pub, at Valley, a couple of weeks ago playing darts with some friends."
"The majority of people don't bat an eyelid," added Trish Williams, 64. "She was shopping in Tesco's the other day, and she's been in Waitrose, and people don't bother her."

Everyone interviewed seems to be a senior citizen, so I'm pretty sure William and Kate are living in a retirement community. Which is genius, actually, because no one remembers who they are.