Prince William and Kate Have Baby Fever?

May 31, 2011 By:
Prince William and Kate Have Baby Fever?

After spending a small fortune in the Seychelles, Prince William and Kate didn’t even have time to let the jetlag settle before all the baby talk began.

While they were honeymooning, the royal couple ordered an odd combo in their villa—cream cheese and Brussels sprouts. Is it just another weird British food custom, or is it baby-making food?

Brussels sprouts are high in folic acid, which aids in fertility. Just add that to the list or reasons I don’t want kids, right up there with ripping my body in half and not drinking for nine months.

Royal reporter Katie Nicholls says after the royal wedding, the couple watched the footage in their terrycloth robes.

"It was just the two of them, and they were so excited to actually see it on the television," a Palace aide told Nicholl. "Harry joined them afterwards, and they were all in high spirits."

If Harry was there, I’m pretty sure “in high spirits” was literal. The palace aide says when William saw the now iconic image of toddler bridesmaid Grace van Cutsem scowling on the balcony, he said, “poor Grace, she looks terrified!"

Word is the couple has forgone the typical luxuries of being royalty. They’ve reportedly turned down Prince Charles’ offer of hiring more staff for their Anglesy home. And Kate still hasn’t appointed her ladies-in-waiting.

The couple is planning a trip to North America in June and July. I’m predicting we’ll hear some pregnancy news by the end of the summer.