Prince William Rescues Stranded Couple

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Prince William Rescues Stranded Couple
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You know Prince William, expectant father and the Duke of Cambridge. But allow us to introduce to you Superhero Prince William, who saves civilians from certain doom.

It’s the first story out of the royal palace in a long, long time to not involve the phrase “baby bump.” Prince William rescued a couple on Tuesday that was stranded while hiking in Snowdonia, North Wales. So much for dainty royalty...

According to Us Weekly, who relayed the report, the Duke was on duty as operational captain in the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force when a distress call came in seeking his expertise—In uniform, Will is known as “Flight Lieutenant Wales.”

The stranded couple was located on the Glyder mountain range in freezing conditions by ten members of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue team.

Like some real-life Bruce Willis movie (save for the explosions), Will was called at his base at RAF Valley.

“The helicopter came about 1 a.m. to search the mountain which was quite difficult with patches of low cloud,” Chris Lloyd of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue said, doing his best job at sucking up to the prince. “Flying in the mountains at night with banks of low cloud requires great skill."

Following the incident, everyone is reportedly safe and sound again. Will went to bed a hero with a story to tell his soon-to-be born child.