Prince William, Bradley Cooper and More Put Themselves Up for Auction

December 2, 2010 By:
Prince William, Bradley Cooper and More Put Themselves Up for Auction

Most women only dream about meeting their celebrity crushes, but this month a few lucky winners will have the chance to hang with the Prince, swim with the ultimate Olympian, workout with Wolverine and ring in the new year with a music icon...and best of all, it's for charity!

People Magazine has partnered with leading charity auction site Charitybuzz to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its iconic franchise, “Sexiest Man Alive,” with its first ever online charity auction.

You'll have the opportunity to bid on more than a dozen once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Check out the amazing list below and make a bid at

Experiences up for auction include:

• Meet Prince William at the Chakravarty Cup Polo Match in London to benefit The Chakravarty Cup

• Workout with Hugh Jackman as he prepares for X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 to benefit The Global Poverty Project

• Meet Bon Jovi at an upcoming concert with VIP tickets to benefit the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

• Workout with GLEE star Matthew Morrison to benefit The Young Storytellers Foundation

• Have your voicemail recorded by Ben Affleck to benefit Children Mending Hearts

• Meet Mark Ruffalo on the set of Marvel Comic-based film The Avengers

• Take a swimming lesson with Michael Phelps to benefit The Michael Phelps Foundation

• Spend New Year’s Eve with Usher in Miami to benefit Usher’s New Look Foundation

• Snag a magnum bottle of wine signed by Matt Damon to benefit Children Mending Hearts

• Hang out with Jesse McCartney on the set of his newest music video to benefit City of Hope

• Have tea with Corbin Bleu to benefit Children Mending Hearts

• Meet Dane Cook with VIP tickets to his show in Reno to benefit Rx Laughter

• Meet Andre Agassi at the 2011 Grand Slam for Children Gala to benefit the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education

• Meet Christopher Meloni on the set of Law & Order: SVU to benefit Sustainable Markets Foundation

• Meet Stephen Colbert on the set of The Colbert Report to benefit The Yellow Ribbon Fund

• Meet Bradley Cooper at the premier of The Dark Fields to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association