Kate Middleton's Secret Royal Wedding Prepping

March 4, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton's Secret Royal Wedding Prepping

With the royal wedding in less than two months, the preparations are being made, and something tells me they don’t include a Springsteen cover band.

Details of the wedding are being kept so secret, Kate Middleton’s dress is being handcrafted in two different undisclosed locations.

The London office building crafting the bouquet and floral arrangements has all of its windows completely blacked out.

Kate also has to plan her future wardrobe, which will include outfits she’ll wear to major events. She’s enlisted the help of her friend Rosie Wild, who owns the boutique “Moda Rosa”.

With all of this super secret prepping, how surprised would everyone be if they just said “f-ck it” and went to Vegas?