UK Media Gets Creative With Prince Harry Photos, Royal Palace Responds

August 23, 2012 By:
UK Media Gets Creative With Prince Harry Photos, Royal Palace Responds

Buckingham Palace is more popular than usual lately. It seems everybody wants a piece of Prince Harry’s royal jewels…

Following photos leaking of Harry partying naked in Las Vegas hotel room, the Royal Family has been getting a lot of publicity. And the recent flair of attention is a photo re-creation of Harry’s naughty moment.

The re-created photo is brought to you by the good people of UK’s The Sun publication…

In the magazine editor, Harry Miller, and intern, Sophie Henderson, are shown in the buff doing their best imitation of Prince Harry and his mysterious female companion in their game of strip billiards earlier this week.

The inspiration for the re-creation spawned from the Palace’s request to pull the real photos…. The only logical solution is to just redo the photos themselves.
Hollyscoop contacted the Royal Palace, who didn’t seem too thrilled with The Sun’s creative move.

“We are not commenting on the Sun's cover -- it is a re-creation -- the photo is not of Prince Harry,’ a rep for the Palace said.

Instead, the rep told us that the Palace reminded the media of their code of ethics listed in the Press Complaints Commission, hence The Sun’s decision to pull the actual photos.

The code of ethics protect the privacy of individuals. According to the document, publications who decide to run the photos “will be expected to justify intrusions” of Harry’s privacy.

“It is unacceptable to photograph individuals in private places without their consent,” the code reads.

The Palace’s statement continued that “it is not for us to say what the repercussions may be” for publications who decide to break that code.

As Hollyscoop previously reported, the Palace was quick to pin the incident as a “private holiday” that Harry was taking.

Private or not, TMZ is reporting that the photos were taken in plain sight of the people who were responsible for protecting Harry in the States. According to the source, the caregivers were partying alongside Harry instead of watching out for him.

Somebody’s getting a royal spanking!