Royal Palace Surprisingly Chill With Prince Harry's Wild Romp

August 29, 2012 By:
Royal Palace Surprisingly Chill With Prince Harry's Wild Romp

See, this is why the UK is awesome. Prince Harry balls out in Vegas with his balls out and the Royal Palace is like “well, he ‘aint the King yet!”

Prince Harry has been lying low, has deleted his Facebook account and is about to have a serious discussion with the head of the army over his Vegas antics, but Palace officials have told People he has nothing to worry about.

“He didn’t do anything unlawful,” says a Palace source, “What he did was entirely his own business.”

Damn, when a celebrity in America does that, even the non-royal ones, they have to deny the allegations, claim they were never even near Vegas, and then go to like a hundred charity events and rehab until we all forget what happened in Vegas.

Also, Harry is third in line for the throne, so his wild ways will probably never be tamed. It’s very unlikely that both Prince Charles and William won’t ascend the throne.

“Harry is a big boy now,” says a former head of royal protection services, “He knows the rules, but he thinks, I’m going to do whatever I want.”

Another “eyewitness” at the Vegas fiasco has come forward claiming that there was also cocaine present in the hotel room where Harry was partying. A source also revealed that they have video footage of the crazy romp but are shopping it around for the best price.