Prince Harry's Trip to the North Pole

March 25, 2011 By:
Prince Harry's Trip to the North Pole

Prince Harry is going to be embarking on a trek to the North Pole on March
29th, where he will walk from north Norway to the Arctic Circle.

Temperatures will drop to minus 60. No, he’s not trying to dodge his princess-wannabe stalkers (more affably known as “Harry Hunters”); the
expedition is actually for charity.

The group leading the voyage is “Walking with the Wounded,” an organization
that donates money to charities that assist wounded soldiers in rebuilding
their lives. There will be four wounded soldiers making the trek, two of
which are amputees.

I know they want to do good and all, but haven’t these guys been through
enough? I mean, come on, you lost a leg, take a breather. And just how
exactly is this money being raised? If it’s the same way a marathon is, and
people are putting money on these amputees making it, it’s seems a little
wrong to me.

Harry will leave the team on April 5 to continue his military training back
in the UK. The veterans will be the first amputees to ever reach the North