Prince Harry Stranded in Arctic During Charity Trek

April 7, 2011 By:
Prince Harry Stranded in Arctic During Charity Trek

Hopefully Prince Harry brought some extra toe warmers, because the Royal Best Man is now stranded in the arctic.

He's been on a trek to the North Pole with the charity Walking for the Wounded.

A royal aide told, "It will be at least 24, maybe 48, hours until he can get in the air and make his way back to England."

A rep for Harry says his trip back home, originally scheduled for April 5, is delayed due to damage on the runway. My theory is the royal family is really, really scared of how Harry's wedding speech is going to go, so they shipped him to the most remote area they could find until the whole thing is over.

"He will now spend an extra day trekking with the team and return to Borneo tonight to await the first available flight," his rep continues.

The aide says Harry is "cool about it." Pun very much intended, I'm sure.