Prince Harry Responds to Pippa Middleton Hookup Rumors

June 27, 2011 By:
Prince Harry Responds to Pippa Middleton Hookup Rumors

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton's imaginary relationship has been the subject of a million British tabloids since the royal wedding. Are they together? Did he dump Chelsy Davy for her?

Well the Prince is tired of hearing all the rumors so he's setting the record straight once and for all. “I'm 100 per cent single" he claims, adding that he doesn't have time to date.

He tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "I am not seeing anyone at the moment. I'm 100 per cent single. I'm working a lot at the moment, so dating and watching TV are the last things I have time for."

And of course the 100% single part wasn't clear enough for the UK Mail so they insisted he clears up the Pippa rumors.
His response? "Pippa? Ha! No."

Harry is too much of a wild bachelor to settle down with someone like Pippa. You marry Pippa, you don't secretly do the dirty with her.

Harry hunters around the globe will probably rejoice in this news. Those girls have a mission, and royal wedding #2 is the goal.