Prince Harry Parties in San Diego, All the Details

October 10, 2011 By:
Prince Harry Parties in San Diego, All the Details

The only Royal dude worth talking about (Prince Harry WHAT WHAT!) arrived in southern California last week for his military training and this weekend he’s already hit the town. We all know Prince Harry likes to partay. He’s regularly spotted out and about in London getting his drink on, sometimes he even gets so drunk he falls into pools (Google it).

Now, SoCal residents can, if they’re lucky, run into Harry at one of these bars he was spotted at over the weekend.

Harry’s Apache helicopter training is at the El Centro naval base, which is near San Diego, California. On Friday night (10.7.11), he and 20 buddies partied in San Diego at Hotel Andaz and hit up the hotels rooftop bar. Apparently the dudes ordered Absolut Vodka, Red Bull and beer. Around midnight the crew moved to the pool area and watched a rugby match from a private cabana.

The hotel tweeted at his arrival (how convenient), “@AndazSD was graced w/ royalty last nite after a visit from Prince Harry! He enjoyed his 1st nite out at #IvyRooftop w/ 20 of his friends.” The hotel also added that he “relaxed w/ some drinks while watching rugby.”

Then the next night (two outings in one weekend! Damn that’s college drinking statistics! My tiny liver can’t handle it) Prince Harry and just a “few” pals this time went to Coronado, about 2 hours from the naval base.

Harry and friends went to McP’s Irish Pub and Grill. According to the bar’s manager, Ted Taylor, “He [Harry] sat outside at a picnic table and ate a burger and beer.”

Apparently, “he was very personable. He was a nice guy, very low-key,” adds Taylor.

“A couple of girls wanted to take pictures but they said no.”

This bar is very popular with dudes training at the naval base. The pub is named for it’s owner Greg McPartlin, who was a navy seal from 1969 to 1972.

When Harry entered the bar, Taylor recalls him saying, “I’m glad to be here.”

Prince Harry, who is known as Captain Wales in the Army Air Corps, When he finishes the training course, he will be assigned to an Apache squadron and will await deployment to Afghanistan.

Harry will be stationed at the so-cal Naval Air training facility for the next month before heading to Arizona for the remainder of his training. So if you’re one of those obsessive “Harry Hunter” types or you’ve got some kind of “Princess complex,” you better get down to San Diego, ASAP.