Prince Harry NOT Suing Over Las Vegas Nude Pics

September 28, 2012 By:
Prince Harry NOT Suing Over Las Vegas Nude Pics

Even though Kate Middleton is suing the heck out the first publication to post her topless pics, Prince Harry is taking a more “ehhh” approach to his nude photo scandal.

Prince Harry originally filed a complaint against The Sun, the only mag to post photos from his wild night in Vegas, but has since decided to stop pursuing it because he has larger things to worry about, oh, like going to war!

“We remain of the opinion that a hotel room is a private space where its occupants would have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” says a statement from the Palace, “Prince Harry is currently focused entirely on his deployment in Afghanistan, so to pursue a complaint relating to his private life would not be appropriate at this time and would prove to be a distraction.”

True. Over here in Hollywood, if a blog calls you mean things, the celebs get on their twitter high horse and call their reps freaking out, over in the UK they are like “So what everyone saw my man bits! I'm off to Afghanistan yo!”

The spokesperson added, “We have concluded that it would not be prudent to pursue the matter further, and we will have no further comment to make about the matter.”