Prince Harry Is Looking For Love

March 14, 2012 By:
Prince Harry Is Looking For Love

Prince Harry is in his late twenties, and perhaps that has him nesting. He opened up about how difficult it is to meet a lady willing to take on royal duties.

When asked whether being a royal lived up to the hype, Prince Harry told CBS: "No, not at all," then he chucked, and continued: "As any girl would ever tell you."

Woah, Harry's answering questions about his love life without even being asked? He continued:

"It's sort of, 'Oh my god, he's a prince.'"

Oh my god, he's a prince!

"But no. The job that it entails, I mean, look at me, I'm 27 years old."

Harry has dated girlfriend Chelsy Davy on and off for several years, officially ending things in 2009, when she reportedly didn't want to take on a life of official duties. Harry says finding someone willing to do that is difficult.

“I’m not so much searching for someone to fulfill the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone that would be willing to take it on."

Okay, I call royal BS. Harry Hunters everywhere are screaming right now.

Talking about the lifestyle he and the royals live, Harry quoted Spiderman: “We are very privileged in the position that we are, but, you know, with privilege comes great responsibility is what they say."

Harry was in South America and the Caribbean kicking of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and he says the reception he received was touching.

"Yeah people go crazy for royalty. People go crazy for David Beckham. The commonwealth countries, fine. I can understand the hype. But the warmth of reception was beyond anything I would ever expect.”