Prince Harry Helped A Friend Who Got Mugged

December 19, 2011 By:
Prince Harry Helped A Friend Who Got Mugged

Prince Harry is rescuing people again. Although, pretty much anytime Prince Harry helps a friend out, we consider it rescuing. Because that just sounds more prince-like. He helped a friend move? No, he rescued them. From hours of manual labor.

The redheaded royal recently helped a friend in need after the friend’s cell phone was stolen after getting mugged.

Thomas van Straubenzee was chatting on the phone with Harry in London on November 30 when he got mugged and his BlackBerry was stolen. Harry realized the phone call was ended abruptly and then raced across town, finding his friend at a local police station.

When you’re rich, I guess you don’t have dropped calls. ‘The phone call just…ended? What is this? Something terrible must’ve happened!’

In this case, it did, and sources confirm to Us Weekly that after Prince Harry gave a witness statement on his friend’s behalf, police found both the suspect and van Straubenzee’s mobile phone.

Harry has been on a rescuing spree recently. In October, while he was helicopter training in California and Arizona, Prince Harry came to Lindsay Swagerty’s rescue. While partying poolside at the Andaz hotel in San Deigo, some friends tossed Lindsay into the pool, fully clothed.

The office assistant said that Harry immediately came to her rescue. "He came over to wrap his towel around me.”

I love how Harry pulled a chick in a wet T-shirt out of a pool and then wrapped her up and we’re like ‘awwww, he rescued her’ when let’s face it, he was probably trying to get some tail.

“He has a very charming personality,” Swagerty continued. The two ended up spending more time together after the pool incident. “It was so fun!” she added.