Prince Harry Freezes Facebook Account – Fate In Army Still Unclear

August 27, 2012 By:
Prince Harry Freezes Facebook Account – Fate In Army Still Unclear

A week after Prince Harry proved he was awesome i.e. stripped naked when he lost a billiard game and was photographed in a hotel room in Vegas, he is supposedly a) really embarrassed and b) freezing his Facebook account.

Prince Harry like most celebrities has been using Facebook under a pseudonym, but now he’s gone and froze the account.

“Because of all the Vegas drama he’s frozen his account,” a source close to the Royal told Us Weekly, “No more Facebook for Harry for a while. He’ll probably come back online in the future, but, for now, he’s been advised to go offline. It’s best that he keeps a low profile for the moment.”

Also, Harry is reportedly going to get some kind of scolding for his actions by the head of the army.

Harry will have a formal interview with the Lieutenant and the Head of Army, General Sir Peter Wall, who will decide what to do about his Vegas incident.

“This is pretty serious,” says a senior military source, “General Wall is a tough guy to make excuses to. He won’t let Harry get away with just a light ticking off.”

Harry is reportedly very torn up about the whole incident.

“He feels he has let himself down and is very disappointed with the fact that he allowed it to happen,” a source tells the U.K.’s Sunday Times.

What do they say about military guys: Work Hard, Play Harder? Hey, Harry was just doing his job!