Prince Harry Discusses Royal Wedding!

March 31, 2011 By:
Prince Harry Discusses Royal Wedding!

Prince Harry discussed his brother's upcoming marriage to Kate Middleton,
revealing that the family was worried "it was never going to happen for
him." How supportive.

"To have a big sister is very, very nice," Harry told Good Morning America.
"She's a fantastic girl. My brother is very lucky. She's very lucky to find
my brother. The two of them are a classic match."

Prince William and Kate were dating on-again, off-again for eight years
before finally deciding to tie the knot. So it looks like William's got a
more normal life than you'd think: a family who thinks he'll never get
married, a rocky relationship, a drunk brother. He's a regular Bridget

Harry admitted to GMA that he hasn't started working on his best man speech,
but says he might have to hold his tongue around the Queen.

"I think my grandmother will be there so I have to be selective, as one
might say," Harry said.

Good idea, although I doubt the Queen knows what an "Eiffel Tower" is,