Prince Harry 'Can't Wait' to Go Back to Afghanistan

December 21, 2011 By:
Prince Harry 'Can't Wait' to Go Back to Afghanistan

Uh, you do know what’s going on over there, right?

Just a while back, Prince Harry was in the States, and contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t scouting Harry Hunters. He was working. Harry recently completed his Apache helicopter training in San Diego and west Arizona, and he says he’s now “looking forward to putting it into practice.”

And what does putting it into practice entail? Flying a 40-million pound helicopter while he hunts and destroys insurgent tanks.

According to The Sun, Harry told guests at Monday’s Military Awards Gala:

"I can't wait to get out there.”

And that must be how boring it is in Buckingham Palace. He’d rather spend time in a war zone.

This won’t be Harry’s first time in Afghanistan. He served 10 weeks in 2007-2008. But after foreign media compromised his position, he was forced to pull out. And years later, Harry said he had a “real determination” to return to service, adding that his “heart was in the Army.”

Yes, his heart’s in the army. His liver on the other hand…

A spokesperson for St. James Palace wouldn’t give many details about Harry’s deployment. He said it would be a “matter for the military chain of command.”

Britain’s defense ministry added that it doesn’t discuss the “deployments of individual service personnel.”

Harry’s brother, Prince William, is familiar with helicopters, too. In 2009, William was transferred to the Royal Air Force and underwent helicopter training. He’s now a full time pilot with their Search and Rescue force.