Prince Harry And J.Lo Party Get The Party Started In Vegas

August 20, 2012 By:
Prince Harry And J.Lo Party Get The Party Started In Vegas

Prince Harry is becoming the king of the party…

After getting a taste of the scene last November while stationed in Sin City for military training, the royal bachelor returned to get his freak on. Harry spent the weekend enjoying the sights, the clubs, and the women that Vegas has to offer.

Unfortunately, when you’re a prince, not everything that happens in Vegas stays there…

People magazine reports that Harry made a visit to MGM Grand’s Wet Republic.

Harry and his small group of friends were fitted with a VIP bungalow. He wore red floral board shorts, sunglasses, and a brimmed hat. To blend in, the royal stud went shirtless, which – oddly – seemed to work. But, that could be attributed to another A-lister at the party… Jennifer Lopez.

The “Dance Again” singer was walking the red carpet just 20 feet away… Hollyscoop spoke with Jennifer Lopez at the carpet, who was prepping for a show at Pure Night Club later that evening.

“After this I'm going to go to sound check, I have the concert tonight and then later we are going to be at Pure later tonight,” she said. “I'm excited, I'm excited, it’s going to be a nice fun Vegas filled fun day"

It certainly was for Harry… Seizing the opportunity to go unnoticed, Harry attempted to enjoy a night out as a commoner.

In addition to sipping on Grey Goose, Harry did a fair share of mingling at the venue. He also took a dip at the club’s pool and joined in on a game of water volleyball.

But, the act was only good for so long. Harry’s charm seemed to attract a posse of female friends who chatted up the Duke of Cambridge.

According to People, at one point even the Las Vegas men in uniform were getting close and cuddly with the celebrity, talking poolside with Harry as he and his company did shots of vodka and cranberry juice.

Though he was hardly starving for attention, Harry did not go home with his very own Kate Middleton. Instead, he seemed content with playing the field.

“A few groups of women approached him throughout the day and he talked to them briefly, but he didn't really center his attention on anyone," a source at the party told People. "He definitely loved the attention, but he looked to be a gentleman with all the women."