Nerdy Kids Turned Hollywood Heartthrobs

February 18, 2012 By:
Nerdy Kids Turned Hollywood Heartthrobs

Most Hollywood heartthrobs have been that way as long as we can remember. Brad Pitt has always been hot. Ryan Gosling has been a heartthrob since day 1. Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, and Scarlet Johansson, I can’t even remember a time that they weren’t gorgeous. However, the following list are some of the stars that started out as nerdy kids and somehow turned into heartthrobs overnight.

Shia LaBeouf: Remember “Even Stevens”? Basically, it was a TV show on Disney that captured Shia LaBeouf’s awkward phase on camera. Whether or not you think he’s achieved “heartthrob” status yet, the guy banged Megan Fox, need I say more?

George Clooney: I just assumed that Clooney came out of the womb with full eyebrows, a glimmer in his eye and insane bone structure, but boy was I wrong! There’s an infamous photo of Clooney around the age of 12, wearing a horrible pair of granny glasses, a bowl cut courtesy of Edward Scissorhands, and a white turtleneck that should have kept him celibate for the rest of his life.

Emma Watson: Remember Emma Watson from the first “Harry Potter” film? Yeah, homegirl could have benefitted from a hairbrush and some good leave-in conditioner. She played a nerdy wizard on screen, but kept a low profile in her real life, and then somewhere around the 4th Harry Potter film she turned into Emma “is that the same girl?” Watson and is completely stunning now.

Ryan Seacrest: The stunning TV host used to be a total chubby kid. Seacrest claimed he pigged out with food because he was bullied in school. Somehow he slimmed down, got a TV-friendly haircut and his face magically turned into a Ken doll.

John Mayer: Google “young John Mayer” and photos of a kid who probably got beat up in high-school will appear. This guy has hooked up Jennifer Aniston AND Taylor Swift. Nobody else can say that! And to think he used to be such a dweeb. This proves that playing the guitar WILL get you laid.

Prince Harry: Remember when Prince Harry was “the ginger” of the royal family and we all kind of felt bad for him in the same way we feel bad for Khloe Kardashian because she looks different than her sisters? Well, anyways, flash forward a few years and Prince William is off the market and Prince Harry is the swinging single of the royal family and girls would kill to get with him. He may not be a Hollywood heartthrob, but he’s a royal heartthrob and that’s far more impressive.

Taylor Lautner: When this kid appeared in the first Twilight film, he was a little boy with like two lines of dialogue. Cut to: The second Twilight film and all of a sudden, Lautner gained about 30 pounds of muscle and a propensity for wearing deep v-neck tees. He literally became a heartthrob overnight.

Kristen Stewart: For starters, Kristen Stewart is stunning, but when she was like 14, she legitimately looked like a little boy. Maybe that’s too mean, but whatever, didn’t we all look like dudes in middle school? However, K-Stews got the last laugh as she’s now in the most popular movie franchise ever and has the hottest boyfriend ever.