More Naked Photos Of Prince Harry Could Be On The Way

August 24, 2012 By:
More Naked Photos Of Prince Harry Could Be On The Way

Come on… You didn’t really think that there were only two photos, did you?

Today we up the stakes of the awesomeness that has become a PR nightmare for the Royal Palace, announcing that even MORE naked photos of Prince Harry are reportedly being shopped around… Meaning, we may not have seen the last of the naked prince just yet.

Us Weekly spoke with bigwig UK publicist Max Clifford, who claims that he was “approached by two American girls” who told him they had more photos from Harry’s wild Vegas night.

Unfortunately for the girls - and maybe Harry down the line too – Clifford didn’t take the bait…

“I turned them down,” he told Us.

A source close to the situation tells the celebrity news site that Harry’s previous photos could just be the tip of the iceberg, and that some serious trouble is on the way for the Royal Family.

“There's more out there. Stories which wont go down well with the Royal family,” the source said. “It could get worse."

As Hollyscoop has previously reported that the original pictures surfaced via TMZ of Prince Harry caught in a naked game of strip billiards.

Since then, due to Buckingham’s aggressive requests to pull the photo, news sources have been scrambling to pull the shots from their pages while others, like the UK’s The Sun, have gotten a little more creative…

The UK tabloid re-created the naked Harry scene using an editor and a female intern on staff. As you can imagine, the Palace wasn’t thrilled.

“We are not commenting on the Sun's cover -- it is a re-creation -- the photo is not of Prince Harry,” a rep for the Palace said.

Meanwhile, Hollyscoop will be anxiously awaiting to see if chapter two of “Harry Exposed” actually pans out…