Prince Harry's Ex-Girlfriend Weighs In On His Naked Romp

September 7, 2012 By:
Prince Harry's Ex-Girlfriend Weighs In On His Naked Romp

Prince Harry’s naked romp through Las Vegas offended some and impressed others…

Some of those impressed few are Mollie King of the British female electropop group The Saturdays and the boys of The Wanted. Hollyscoop caught up both groups at the red carpet of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday.

When asked what she thought about Harry’s strip pool game scandal, Mollie - who dated Prince Harry in the past - didn’t think that the bad press would hurt Harry’s party-boy image.

On the contrary… Mollie put it simply, calling the stunt “cool.”

The rest of the group agreed with “cool” all around…

Member Rochelle Wiseman elaborated a little further, saying, “If he wasn’t a prince, I’m sure there were about of a million other guys doing that at the same time.”

Fellow UK group The Wanted backed their female friends up, giving Prince Harry their official seal of approval.

“Yes we do,” said Tom Parker when asked if the group collectively supported their Prince. “What a guy, he's a normal guy I mean, just cause he's royal shouldn't mean he doesn't do normal things.”

Nathan Sykes added, “Good lad.”

Though, to be fair, the boys of The Wanted seemed a bit put off by the royal celeb was stealing a bit of their spotlight.

“Who cares, I'm a Prince in my own right!” said Tom.