Harry Hunters: American Women Vie for Prince Harry's Hand

March 23, 2011 By:
Harry Hunters: American Women Vie for Prince Harry's Hand

Now that the Royal Wedding date is closing in, wannabe princesses everywhere are focusing their attention on Prince William's little brother, Prince Harry.

According to the celebrity gossip blog ONTD, there's a phenomenon of young women called "Harry Hunters"—girls who are desperately vying for the affections of Prince Harry, hoping it will end with a fairy tale wedding.

Because there's nothing more attractive than intense desperation, these women frequent the bars and venues Harry is often seen at, many of them traveling all the way from the U.S. I don't know why they're going through all of this trouble when all it would take is tying a bottle of scotch to a fishing line.

Courtney Fleming is one of these stalkers women, traveling to England from California, where she is an aspiring actress. So my guess is her pyramid of goals is: Prince Harry, reality show celebrity, TV news lady, and at the very bottom: YouTube star.

Fleming traveled to London and spent time at the Mahiki Nightclub, which Prince Harry is rumored to frequent. She says she's mastered the art of "civilized binge drinking", because it's necessary to be able to down a bottle of champagne and still hold a conversation. Now that's classy, princess behavior.

There's also Taylor McKinley, a 21 year-old student who is studying abroad in Leicester. While Fleming's tactic is binge drinking, McKinley has spent years studying the history of the Royal family, reading magazines named "Majesty" and "Royalty". In high school, McKinley abstained from sex because she wanted to "hold out for royalty".

"I'm one of those people who only reads books with happy endings," McKinley says.

I guess it's every girls dream to be a princess, but Harry looks like he belongs on the cover of MAD magazine. Personally, I don't think it's worth it to have to wake up to that every morning.