Dirty Harry Named 'Tatler' Magazine Man of the Year

October 8, 2012 By:
Dirty Harry Named 'Tatler' Magazine Man of the Year

It’s a different circumstance, but nude photos apparently run in this royal family. Where Prince Harry is concerned, his first major photo op since that scandalous bout of nudity in a Las Vegas hotel room, is an honor.

The 28-year-old finds himself on the cover of British glossy Tatler with the title of “Man of the Year.” And no, this wasn’t a clothing optional sort of shoot. In fact, he dons a uniform with far more mandatory rules—it’s Harry in his most tip-top military gear and regalia.

He looks particularly stoic and dashing, Blue Steel-ing his icy eyes so hard as if to laser through the cover and have an onlooking public forget we’ve seen his privates.

Then again, even that may be somewhat unnecessary because according to the magazine at least, a majority of its readership doesn't even care or blinking an derisive eye.

In a Tatler survey, 59% of respondents are still fans of the royal and have a higher opinion of the prince post-scandal. Not too shabby, Dirty Harry.