Prince Harry. biography

NAME:Prince Harry BIRTH DATE:September 15, 1984 (Age: 30) PLACE OF BIRTH:London, England

Born on September 15, 1984, in London, to Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Prince Harry is three siblings away from the English throne. He took his first step into the spotlight on his first day of school, made possible by multiple photographers awaiting his arrival and is known as the reckless and athletic member of the royal family.

With his brother Prince Williams by his side, the two attended Wetherby School before attending the boarding academy Ludgrove School, in 1992. While there, the brothers were informed of their parents' dwindling marriage, which ultimately came to an end in 1996. The separation took a toll on the boys who now had to split their holidays between their parents, but experienced pure anguish when Diana died as result of a car accident in a Paris road tunnel on August 31, 1997.

Following the funeral, Harry struggled with vivid nightmares of his mother's unnatural death and keeping up with his academics, but was able to fight through his depression and successfully enrolled in Eton College in 1998. While there, Harry began to experiment with underage drinking and drugs, mainly marijuana, and soon found his illegal activities in the headlines. After admitting his illegal extracurricular activities to his father, Henry took responsibility for his actions and checked into rehab.

In 2003, Harry graduated from Eton College and immediately started focusing his attention on issues most dear to his heart. He traveled to southern Africa and participated in charities, spent time at homes for orphans of AIDS victims, and created his debut documentary The Forgotten Kingdom: Prince Harry in Lesotho (2003) to help promote awareness to the rest of the world. It ended up bringing in over $2 million for the British Red Cross.

Two years later, Harry was again the talk of the town when pictures of the Prince wearing a Nazi uniform at a 2005 Halloween party were published in every newspaper. He was highly scrutinized by the public and press for his insensitivity, and later responded to the adversity, saying, "I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize."

That same year, Harry joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he endured 44 weeks of intense training and later teamed up with the Household Cavalry as a Second Lieutenant in 2006. Ensuing a tribute concert for Diane's 46th birthday at Wembley Stadium in 2007, Harry started training for potential deployment and officially began his Afghanistan tour of duty in February 2008. Despite serving his country for two months, Harry soon found himself in the tabloids again when a video of the royal soldier making derogatory comments toward a fellow Pakistani soldier came to light. In result, the army ordered him to go through sensitivity therapy.

Overcoming scrutiny, once again, Harry returned to his military career and underwent an immense amount of training to become an Apache helicopter pilot for the Army Air Corps in 2009. In February 2012, he completed his training and set out on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Although a decorated soldier, Harry continues to find his actions ridiculed in tabloids across the world. In August 2012, his actions caused a frenzy within the royal family after nude pictures of Harry were leaked on the web. The explicit images were reportedly taken in a Vegas hotel room while playing an innocent game of strip billiards. Although the pictures were flaunted around America, most English papers would not run the story, except for Rupert Murdoch's The Sun.

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