6 Rules For Hunting Prince Harry

October 21, 2011 By:
6 Rules For Hunting Prince Harry

A lot of women are envying Lindsay Swagerty right now. She was literally rescued by a prince. And not just any prince—Prince Harry. While she was partying by the pool at the Ivy Rooftop in San Diego, some friends threw her in, and Prince Harry immediately came to her rescue.

“He came over to wrap his towel around me,” Swagerty bragged.

Okay, so he didn’t exactly slay a dragon for her, but it was Prince Harry! And he was in his underwear!

“He has a very charming personality,” Swagerty told Us Weekly. “It was so fun!”

The two even spent more time together the next night. Prince Harry was in San Diego preparing for his helicopter training.

I don’t think this chick is going to be the next Kate Middleton, but she accomplished the damn-near-impossible goal of all those Harry Hunters out there. Oh, for those who don’t know, Harry Hunters are chicks desperate to woo Prince Harry. Maybe it leads to marriage, maybe it doesn’t. But the mission is to meet him, nab him, and call him your man. We did a little research and put together a guide for hunting Prince Harry. You’re welcome, ladies.

Rule #1: Be hot: This is an obvious one. If you’re going to date a prince--any prince—make sure you’re hot. If you’re not hot, do whatever it is girls do to pretend they’re hot. Excessive amounts of makeup helps.

Rule #2: Make a scene: A source close to the Prince claims, “Harry likes a laugh and a flirt.” So yeah, he’s not exactly going for the shy girls. I mean, Lindsay Swagerty had to be thrown into a damn pool with all her clothes on just to get his attention. Batting your eyelashes across the room isn’t going to work, you’ve got to draw a bunch of attention to yourself. Think less Audrey Hepburn and more Jersey Shore. Which brings us to the next rule.

Rule #3: Get drunk: Harry is notorious for his drinking. And he definitely brings it into the relationship. For example, British reality star Lauren Pope got Harry’s attention when the two were drunk at a club. From there, he got her number and called her for a date. Then, when he dated model Cassie Sumner, she claimed the night they met, Harry “kissed her earlobes, ran his hand up her thighs and ordered Sex on the Beach cocktails for the two of them.” And, Harry Hunters, if you haven’t already seen the photo of Harry drunkenly grabbing TV anchor Natalie Pinkham’s boob, I recommend it. Study it. Look at the look of drunken stupor on Natalie’s overwhelmingly intoxicated face. Recreate that.

Rule #4: Give out your number: Another source close to Harry says, “I’ve rarely seen him give his phone number to any girl. Them giving numbers is another matter!”

Rule #5: Don’t pull an Elisabetta Canalis: After breaking up with Davy, Harry reportedly started dating lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. But the pair split shortly after they started dating. According to The Telegraph, Harry didn’t want to be “tied down.” So if you’re successful in your hunt, you might have marriage on your mind, but you sure as hell better pretend that’s the last thing you’re thinking about.

Rule #6: Be rich and/or famous: Every single one of Harry’s girlfriends either comes from a well-respected family, has money, is famous, or all three. Take Chelsy Davy, his longtime on/off girlfriend. Chelsy’s family has a fortune and comes from a wealthy, established family. If your childhood home had wheels and a pink flamingo out front, it’s probably not gonna happen. Sorry.