What To Watch: Friday Edition!

May 29, 2008 By:
What To Watch: Friday Edition!

The Soup @ 10pm

Thank God It's Friday...because that means it's time for funnyman Joel McHale to give us a recap of the week's wild and wacky events in the world of entertainment, news, reality shows, and celebrity gossip. Tonight, Joel dishes on an intense interview Hulk Hogan has with one of the new "American Gladiators," "Inside Edition's" strange taste in coverage, and Tyra Banks' use of a strange, indecipherable language. You can also expect plenty of hilarious clips, snarky commentary, and maybe even an appearance by that cute little Chihuahua.

Battlestar Galactica @ 10pm

When the cat's away, the mice...will choose someone else to call the shots? The Colonials are left with a leadership vacuum following President Roslin's abrupt departure on the Cylon baseship, which Adama matches by making Galactica jump away from the fleet. And once the Admiral catches wind of all the secret Six sessions, Col. Tigh will probably wish he could pull a vanishing act, too.

The Science of Meerkat Manor @ 9:30pm

You may have noticed these adorable ferret-looking creatures called meerkats, all over the magazines and commercials. See what all the hype is about in this behind the scenes look. The researchers of Meerkat Manor get their day in the Kalahari sun. Viewers can see the challenges, teamwork, tricks and techniques from the other side of the cameras, as scientists and volunteers take blood samples, weigh and test meerkats for TB. Team leader and Oxford University professor Tim Clutton-Brock guides his young assistants as they face withering heat, the lack of the most basic of amenities and the ever-present potential of seeing one of their beloved meerkats become lunch for an eagle.


he Sarah Jane Adventures @ 8pm

On the first of a two-part season finale, Sarah Jane discovers that a missing boy looks exactly like Luke and Mr. Smith confirms that the boy is a genetic match with Luke. Sarah Jane sends Luke to live with the boy's family, but when he tries to escape he makes a startling discovery about who his parents really are. More shocking discoveries abound on the second half of the finale at 8:30pm, when it turns out that Luke has actually been kidnapped by the Slitheen and Mr Smith, Sarah Jane's supercomputer, is one of the bad guys. Sarah Jane and Maria must figure out how to get Luke back. But what do the Slitheen want with Luke in the first place?