The Simpsons Recap

November 5, 2007 By:
The Simpsons Recap

The Simpsons did a 24 take-off that featured a cameo
from none other than Keifer Sutherland. The trademark
split-screens from 24 made the episode interesting to

Bart, cast in the role of the rebellious agent
who is the only one who can get results, must foil a
plan by school bullies to stink bomb the school bake
sale with a bomb made from rank old yogurt (it killed
a hamster and made poor Ralph twitch like a
The Halloween special also featured Simpsonized takes
on War of the Worlds and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I've
always liked that the show makes a lot of pop culture
references but there can be too much of a good thing.
I don't think the Simpson's has reached their limit
yet; do you?