American's Like Sports More Than TV Shows

October 25, 2007 By:
American's Like Sports More Than TV Shows

It seems like more people are interested in watching sports than watching anything on TV because FOX baseball had the highest ratings on Primetime TV last night.

Things don't be looking good for the new show "Bionic Woman" as their ratings keep dipping from their debut week.

Check out most American's were watching on TV last night.


Pushing Daisies (9.45 million)

Private Practice (11.77 million)

Dirty Sexy Money (8.56 million)


Kid Nation (8.03 million)

Criminal Minds (14.93 million)

CSI: NY (13.64 million)


Phenomenon (8.35 million)

The Bionic Woman (7.78 million)

Life (6.85 million)


Baseball (16.87 million)

The CW:

America's Next Top Model (4.72 million)

Gossip Girl (2.55 million)