Always Sunny In Philadelphia Recap

November 21, 2007 By:
Always Sunny In Philadelphia Recap

Reruns are the poor man's DVR. Thanks to the strike
I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on all the
shows I wanted to watch. Once I get caught up, though,
I'm going to want to see some new stuff.

Last night's
episode involved a dance marathon that turned into a
battlefield of revenge when everyone was trying to make
everyone else jealous, be it by showing off their
superior dancing skills or by bumpin' and grindin'
with street folk ("I'm gonna go grind a homeless guy."
"Good girl. make it dirty").

In the end, everybody's a
loser-- the night ends with poor Charlie passed out on
the floor, OD'd on cough syrup, Frank and Dennis are
wearing kegs around their necks as beacons of failure,
and Dee is covered in homeless guy.