New Webseries Alert: "First Day 2: First Dance"

September 13, 2011 By:
New Webseries Alert:

"First Day 2: First Dance" is a bright and fun new webseries from the creators of "Pretty Little Liars" that follows a teenage girl who repeatedly relives the same day over and over as she tries to get to the back-to-school dance and win the affection of her highschool crush.

This show is a 6-episode webseries that can be viewed on the shows official facebook page

The series is the sequel to the incredibly popular and award winning webseries "First Day" that debuted last year.

In the first episode we meet Rosie, who finds out on her first day back to school that her high-school crush, JT, has just broken up with his girlfriend! The back-to-school dance is tonight and much to Rosie and her BFF's surprise, JT asks Rosie to the dance that night!

Everything seems perfect until Whitney, the hot popular girl, threatens Rosie to back off because she's also got her eyes set on JT.

Rosie isn't worried until someone frames her for stealing Whitney's new iPhone. Rosie is suspended and cannot attend the dance anymore.

Whitney steals JT from the now-suspended Rosie, who has to spend the night alone.

Then, in a funny twist of fate, Rosie wakes up the next morning to find out it's still the first day of school. Rosie now has to repeat the same day over and over again to find out who framed her for the stolen iPhone and if she'll ever get to go to the dance with JT.

This show is cute, fun and glossy and like a mini version of "Gossip Girl."

With new episodes premiering every Monday and Wednesday, watch online and find out what happens to Rosie and friends on "First Day 2: First Dance."

After relieving the same day over and over, will Rosie ever get it right? In the season finale she's had so many chances but does she ever get to the dance with her dream date?

1 girl. 1 day. 1001 chances to have the night of her life. Watch what happens!