Pregnant Charlotte Church Kicks Fiance Out

July 10, 2007 By:
Pregnant Charlotte Church Kicks Fiance Out

A very heavily pregnant Charlotte Church has kicked her fiancé Gavin Henson out to the curb and basically locked him out of their home after she discovered that he's been cheating on her with another woman. Church, who is due to give birth to their first child in three months, is said to be devastated after it was reported that the Welsh rugby star kissed Tracy Donnelly. Gavin and Tracy reportedly met in the city's Thompsons Garage nightspot.

According to reports, Henson is staying with his mother Audrey in Bridgend - while Charlotte decides how she wants to take their relationship forward.

A source close to the couple revealed: "Gavin is gutted that he got caught out, but Charlotte isn't listening to any of his excuses.

"She is very angry at the moment and, when she found out, she flew into a rage."

This past weekend Tracy Donnelly admitted, "It was a drunken snog, or two, or three."

We hear both Charlotte and her mother Maria are giving Henson hell about his infidelity. A source said: "Maria has been yelling down the phone at him. She is very, very protective of her daughter, so understandably she is livid.

"She is disappointed in Gavin. She thought that he was a lovely boy but she now knows that she is wrong. She is devastated for Charlotte."