Laura Bush Memoirs Coming Your Way

November 11, 2008 By:
Laura Bush Memoirs Coming Your Way

Hoping to cash in on the scoop, First Lady Laura Bush is rumored to be in talks to score a multimillion-dollar deal to write her own memoirs.

"Laura is interviewing publishers who are bidding on her memoirs. The publishers are coming to the White House to meet with her and discuss the book," a source told Page Six.

She'd better take advantage of the opportunity because it appears that the market for her hubby's bio isn't exactly as strong.

"Dubya is going to have to wait about five years. He's so unpopular at this point that there's no market for any book by him," a publishing insider said.

Literary agent Mort Janklow explained the reason behind it saying, "The wives of presidents generally write books that have a greater public interest. Wives usually write from a personal point of view. Husbands usually try to rewrite history." That sounds about right to us.