What Happened to Lisa Turtle? Her Shocking New Look

May 11, 2012 By:
What Happened to Lisa Turtle? Her Shocking New Look

She’s done some growing up – or falling apart, rather – since her days roaming the halls of Bayside High.

Current photos of Lark Voorhies emerged on Thursday, showcasing the “Saved By the Bell” cast member’s new look. For those of us who’ve gotten used to sweet and innocent (and normal) appearance of Lisa, the new look comes as quite a shocker.

Voorhies’s face is bloated for an overall more blocky shape. Her hair is dyed a fake velvet-red, she has drawn on (thicker) eyebrows, and her skin appears to be pulled taunt with tension.

TV gods, tell me this isn’t real!

I’m not trying to be mean, but seriously, Lark, what happened? What would Screech say?

You used to be such a knockout. Now, it’s like you became a dude, and that dude is trying to dress like you used to look.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time childhood actors underwent unfortunate physical transformations. Here are some stars that went MIA, only to return as some freakish version of their old selves.

1) Travis Tedford

You might know him as the child spokesperson for Welches Grape Juice or for his iconic role as “Spanky” from the 1994 film, The Little Rascals. But little Spanky is a grown up 21-year-old man now. And that man works at a Texas Wal-Mart as a clerk.

2) Peter Ostrum

No, you don’t recognize the name, but if you saw the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you know him. Charlie - played by Ostrum - left acting shortly after the 1971 film to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Later on a photo emerged of the former actor sporting a massive mustache and lumberjack clothes.

3) Amanda Bynes

She was so cute as a little Nickelodeon princess. The "All That" and "The Amanda Show" star has come a long way in her 26 years of existence. Unfortunately, as of late, it's been in the wrong direction. A recent mugshot from her DUI arrest shows a puffier, glazed over version of the her adolescene.

4) Robert MacNaughton

Elliot's brother Michael was played by Robert MacNaughton in Spielberg's 1982 film E.T. But the the handsome teen dropped out of the acting scene by the end of the eighties. Today he is not so handsome, and not so teen. Instead he boasts a nasty goatee and an even nasty bleach blonde, dreadlocked do.

5) Michael Oliver

He was adorably sinister as the Problem Child, but now surprising terrifying as a long-haired adult. With a shoulder-length mop, a large forehead, and a grown out shave, everything about modern-day Oliver screams pedophile. His stare seriously gives me the shivers.