Pitbull: Fame is Garbage Compared to the Journey

October 12, 2011 By:
Pitbull: Fame is Garbage Compared to the Journey

Rapper Pitbull once explained how he got his stage name: “[Pitbulls] are basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight.”

The artist’s struggle for success is an ongoing theme in his songs. Well, that and partying. But his rise to fame, and the doors that shut in his face along the way, are something that Pitbull loves to vent about through his lyrics.

Hollyscoop caught up with the rapper at the 39th American Music Award nominations announcement, and he filled us in on what his journey’s been like.

“That’s what’s priceless,” Pitbull explained to us. “There’s no check you can put on that. There’s no fame, all of that is garbage compared to what the journey is.”

He’s definitely had a tumultuous journey. From a rough childhood to going full force with his rap career, Pitbull has had a lot of ups, and a lot of downs, too. But he holds on to each of the memories.

“Hopefully we have more memorable moments, and to me that’s what it is all about is the journey,” Pitbull told Hollyscoop.

Pitbull was also nominated at the AMAs, up against Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars for Favorite Male Artist in the Pop Music category. In the Latin Music category, he’s also been nominated for Favorite Artist, along with Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez.

“It feels amazing,” he told us. “AMA’s, thank you so much. And to the public out there…without the fans, there is no Pitbull. So thank you guys, it’s definitely amazing, and I appreciate it.”

The singer is also set to perform at the AMA’s this November. So how will he top his VMA performance?

“We’re looking for a lot of energy something very sexy, sophisticated, powerful and…orgasmic maybe.”

Pitbull is a hot commodity right now. He recently collaborated with Enrique Iglesias for I Like How It Feels, and Red One has also hinted that the two will be working together.

“We definitely working together,” Pitbull confirmed. “We’re working together on a new artist, Nayer. She’s on Give Me Everything, so we’re working together—her and Red One more than anything. As far as the music, the guy’s a genius. But more anything, he’s a good guy.”

“We’ve been working hard for many, many years,” Pitbull says.

Looks like it’s paying off.