Pirates of The Caribbean 4 Opens Huge

May 20, 2011 By:
Pirates of The Caribbean 4 Opens Huge

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 just opened in the U.S., and it’s already a blockbuster.

The movie opened in ten countries on Wednesday, and in those ten countries, On Stranger Tides already raked in $18.5 million. By Friday, the movie has debuted in seventy different countries, bringing its grand international total to $25.7 million.

In North America, Pirates has already made $4.7 million, and you can bet that number is going to skyrocket by tomorrow morning.

Moviegoers have eagerly been awaiting a huge summer hit, and Pirates of the Caribbean has never failed to bring to the theatres what a summer blockbuster entails—action, humor, and a pretty face.

Speaking of pretty faces, Hollyscoop talked to Pirates star Penelope Cruz, who plays a love interest to Johnny Depp’s now iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Cruz told us working with Depp was “amazing”, adding that he’s a “great human being.”

Celebrities are excited about the latest installment in the Pirates series as well. Romeo told Hollyscoop, “I’m a big Pirates fan.” He added, “Johnny Depp is a huge icon because he thinks out of the box, he does movies out of the box, he’s not afraid to think out of the box just to be yourself.”

Pirates star Sam Clafin told Hollyscoop, “I was a big fan of Pirates in general, I always wanted to be a pirate so I’m absolutely thrilled to be apart of it.”